Why for sale by owner,
when you can B The Broker!

A little foot work, for a lot of savings

Your complete toolset for a successful sale.

  • 1. Build and manage your listing

    We’ll help you create a competitive listing, from the ground up.

    • Step-by-step guide on preparing to sell.

      Powerful automation tools walk you through the entire process holding your hand every step of the way.

    • Getting your property market ready.

      Whether you need Pro’s, Pictures, or Priced we have the tools or agents waiting to help.

    • Go at your own pace, and on your own terms.

      Need more time to prepare? YOU decide when to publish your listing.

    Prepare your listing
  • 2. Professional Resources

    The tools and resources to broker like a pro.

    • Feature rich environment

      Custom signs, auto generated flyer template, legal documents, eSigntures, and contract manager are in place to help.

    • Need additional marketing materials?

      Shop our store for exactly what you need to promote your home.

    Publish Listing
  • 3. Professional Help

    B the Broker will connect you with a Vaunt Real Estate agent to get the job done right

    • Need an expert?

      Tell us what, who, and when you need them and we will handle the scheduling. *

    • Stay in control of your listing

      YOU decide if and when to talk to a professional at any step in the process.

    • Save time communicating with Pro’s

      Access to reputable industry professionals that have a proven track record

    Prepare your listing
  • 4. Create your documents

    Legal documents and contract management tools ready to complete the transaction at your fingertips

    • Conquer confusing paperwork.

      Documents presented in order with suggestions and help standing by.

    • Let us do the heavy lifting.

      Complex contracts presented in an easy to understand way so that you can call the shots.

    • Send documents, request signatures.

      Complete, e-sign, and send required documents right from your dashboard.

    Prepare your listing
  • 5. Sell your home

    Complete all your requirements in order, on time.

    • Broker like a pro

      Negotiate online, and accept an offer that’s right for you, with no listing agent commission (3%)

    • Closing

      All your documents reviewed and approved for title and escrow

    Prepare your listing
    Prepare your listing
* Premium Package purchase required

Frequently Asked Questions

Is B the Broker a listing site?

No. B The Broker provides software that structures the process of selling your home in a step-by-step dashboard. Included in the Premium Package is agent support, legal documentation, marketing material, and Hello Sign's e-signing platform, which helps you manage the transaction with prospective buyers. Think of it like a Turbo Tax but for Real Estate.
No. We do not provide real estate advice or legal advice. With our Premium Package we pair you with an experienced local licensed real estate agent who provides support throughout your transaction.
When you list your home using B the Broker, there are no listing agent commissions, only a flat fee. However, if the buyer has a licensed agent representing them, that agent typically negotiates a commission of 3% of the sale price. Frequently, this buyer commission is built into the final sales price of the home, and the seller covers this fee. Ultimately it is up to the seller to decide if they are willing to offer a buying agent’s commission at the start of their listing process.
Absolutely! When you purchase the Premium Package, you are automatically paired with a local licensed real estate agent familiar with your market and regulations. While we do not include legal support in our services, we can make recommendations on what attorneys provide real estate legal counsel.
If our services are available in your region, it may take up to 72 hours to sync your listing to your local MLS once you have chosen to publish.
If our services are available in your region, it typically takes 24 hours after your listing is published to your local MLS. This varies based on the MLS in your area, and is determined by the company managing it.
Your Broker Premium package contains everything you need to begin promoting your home. If you are needing additional items, visit our store in the header above. Once you are logged into your account, you will see listing specific add-ons within your dashboard
Congratulations! When you accept an offer, your assigned agent will help walk you through the requirements that needs fulfilled. You can choose to use your agent support for this step.